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Protecting your intellectual property is our passion. We've been on the cutting edge of IP law for 40 years — defending your inventions so you can break ground on the next big thing.


Patent Prosecution Tool Kit

The latest edition of our Patent Prosecution Tool Kit highlights just some of the aspects of patent prosecution that Sterne Kessler's professionals are following.

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Our Services

Technically deep and fully integrated across IP capabilities, we can help you obtain patents, defend or enforce them in all venues, and protect your innovations and your brand.



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From due diligence and IP valuation to strategic advice and opinions of counsel, Sterne Kessler has the insights you need to proceed with confidence.
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Whether seeking utility, design or business method patents, you can expect efficient, high-quality preparation and prosecution by the Sterne Kessler team.
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Sterne Kessler wins IP litigation by integrating great trial experience, technical depth, and patent knowledge in district court, the USITC and the Fed Circuit.
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First "PTAB Firm of the Year." First to handle 500+ AIA proceedings. Your first stop for handling litigation at the USPTO.
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Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Sterne Kessler can help you develop, maintain and protect a strong brand and distinctive trademarks globally.

Our Results

We've secured some of the most valuable patents in history and racked up big wins in IP litigation. That's why tech leaders choose Sterne Kessler — we understand what they need and deliver real results.

Our Insights

Intellectual property law has never been more challenging. Technology disruption keeps accelerating, while patent law continues to evolve. And Sterne Kessler knows what it takes to stay one step ahead.

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Our Professionals

With 50+ Ph.D.s in science and engineering, our attorneys, patent agents and technical specialists could fill a university faculty. They choose Sterne Kessler because they love helping inventors..

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