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Hannah L. Peters, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

Hannah L. Peters, Ph.D., is a patent agent in Sterne Kessler's Biotechnology/Chemical Practice Group, where she assists in the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications; aids in the formulation of invalidity, non-infringement, freedom-to-operate, clearance, and patentability opinions; and provides litigation matter support. Her technical areas of expertise include organic synthesis, process chemistry, medicinal chemistry, nucleic-acid chemistry and drug discovery and development.

Prior to joining Sterne Kessler, Hannah was an NIH CRTA Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Her postdoctoral research with Dr. Terrence Burke focused on small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of HIV. During her time there she designed, synthesized and characterized several libraries of novel HIV RNase H and integrase inhibitors with an emphasis on large scale process synthesis capabilities.

Hannah’s graduate research under Dr. Seley-Radtke at the University of Maryland Baltimore County involved the design, synthesis, and SAR investigation of several series of nucleoside analogs and prodrugs for development as anticancer and antiviral therapeutics.

Hannah was a recipient of an NIH CRTA postdoctoral fellowship as well as three NIH pre-doctoral training fellowships in Chemistry-Biology Interfacial Research, as well as an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Fellowship. She has been an invited speaker at several conferences, including the International Conference of Antiviral Research and The European Workshop in Drug Synthesis. She has also presented her work at several conferences including the Gordon Research Conference on Heterocycles, the International Round Table on Nucleotides, Nucleosides and Nucleic Acids, and the Frontiers at the Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium.

Hannah has co-authored two peer-reviewed scientific publications. Additionally, she is a co-inventor on two pending U.S. patent applications. She received her Ph.D., in chemistry from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a B.A. also in chemistry, from Agnes Scott College.

Technical Publications

  • Peters, H. L.; Jochmans, D.; de Wilde, A. H.; Posthuma, C. C.; Snijder, E. J.; Neyts,J.; Seley-Radtke, K. L., Design, synthesis and evaluation of a series of acyclic fleximer nucleoside analogues with anti-coronavirus activity. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2015, 25 (15), 2923-6.
  • Peters, H. L.; Ku, T. C.; Seley-Radtke, K. L., Flexibility as a Strategy in Nucleoside Antiviral Drug Design. Curr Med Chem 2015, 22 (34), 3910-21.