Conference space with attendees

Israel Global Patent Litigation Forum

Speaking Engagement
June 26, 2017
Tel Aviv

Globalization brings new challenges for innovative companies. Ideas differentiate only when skillfully protected. Yet, the intellectual property landscape is changing as fast as the marketplace. Join us for a one-day seminar to discuss intellectual property strategies in today's global marketplace for optimal return on investment. 

The conference will discuss the following critical issues:

  • Providing Comprehensive Protection
  • Telling the Invention's Story
  • A Global, but Efficient, Strategy
  • Speedy Patents
  • Effective Global Enforcement
  • Freedom to Operate
  • Optimal Monetization and Return on Investment

Directors Robert Greene SterneJoseph E. Mutschelknaus, and John M. Covert will be panelists at this invitation-only conference. For more information, please click here.